EVERY child has talent.  Violinist Shinichi Suzuki was struck by this simple fact after observing that all Japanese children speak Japanese...


"Well, of course they do!" you might think, as we simply expect children to learn their native language.  But when we really stop and think about it, acquiring language is a complicated achievement that requires many steps: listening, modeling and repeating one-syllable sounds to complete sentences...then ornamenting the structure with with descriptive phrases...later adding delicate nuance and shading, along the road to mastery.  So, why can't children learn other things the way they learn the talent of language?  This is the first and most natural form of learning for the young child!  Hmm....


As Suzuki witnessed the devastation in his country and the world brought by World War II, he was deeply moved by the human suffering, especially that of children.  He didn't want the children to suffer in future generations as they did then.  He believed that the study of music would help children develop sensitivity and empathy, so that they would grow up to become noble human beings with beautiful hearts...that music could bring happiness for all children and spread peace throughout the world, one child at a time.  ...But how to teach them??


He studied the problem, for he had never taught the violin to children and didn't have any of his own.  When he was struck by the realization that all children speak their native language, he came to the conclusion that the most successful method of educating children was the method they already knew- the way they learned their "mother tongue"!


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Shinichi Suzuki violin teacher pedagogue
"Teaching music is not my main purpose. 
I want to make good citizens.  If children hear fine music from the day of their birth and learn to play it, they develop sensitivity, discipline and endurance.  They get a beautiful heart."
                                        ~ Shinichi Suzuki

What is Suzuki Talent Education?