violin student performing fiddle tune with guitarist friend at block party
violin with mute
fiddle violin music student with teacher after class

"Miss Sarah was an amazing teacher!! She always made sure we had fun and knew how to do things the right way. She also helped me prepare for an audition for an advanced ensemble. Without her help I may have made it in... but wouldn't have done as well as I did. She was an amazing fiddle club teacher and an amazing person!! You will have so much fun learning from her!!"

-Sarah, student, age 12

violinist sisters at music recital


violin student playing music in the park

"Our family was blessed to know Miss Sarah as our son George's violin teacher for almost 9 years. During those

critical formative years, she helped him learn techniques stepwise according to the Suzuki method, but she did so much more. She helped George learn at his own

developmental pace, always encouraging and seeking new ways to help him learn. Miss Sarah instilled a love of music, and a love of learning in our son. Last year as a high school freshman he independently sought out the opportunity to play in the pit orchestra for their musical production. He often plays for neighbors, block parties, elderly shut-ins, and our church. Although George hopes to become a physician or veterinarian, I know he will continue to play violin and share his gifts with people from all walks of life.  He will have the zeal and know-how to approach new situations, because Miss Sarah showed him how to learn.  Miss Sarah is forever “in” our son, a voice of encouragement as he meets new challenges and moves into adulthood."


-Christina B., MD

  mother of George, age 15

"For more than two years, Ms. Sarah's class has been a highlight of our daughter's week. It has strongly stimulated her enthusiasm and curiosity about music, helping her learn to invent songs, repeat rhythmic patterns, match pitch, and explore instrumental sounds.  But it has also helped her in many other ways: developing her attention span and focus, building social skills like turn-taking, even teaching her to count in several languages! Sarah skillfully adapts class activities to different ages and personalities, and we have been grateful for her insights into our daughter's learning style and development. For us, it has been an ideal way to develop "classroom skills" that we now see carrying over into other activities."


-Russell J.

father of Willow, age 3

"Sarah Mitchell taught my son violin for seven years. At every level, she was able to meet his needs both technically and personally. Every musical challenge she was able to break down into simple, achievable and measurable steps. At my son's progressive ages, she was able to connect at each stage with her warm, intelligent, encouraging, genuine, can-do spirit. Through his lessons with Sarah Mitchell, my son was able to attain a high level of musical excellence that led to national and international musical opportunities, as well as a hefty music scholarship for college. Through his violin lessons, I also witnessed my son receive so much more than a musical education. He received personal attention from a skilled teacher who held a high standard, who saw the best in him, and who nurtured it with patience and love."

 -Tanya Z.

  mother of Arlo, college student