Suzuki Early Childhood Education

The Curriculum

     Our curriculum is designed for skill mastery instead of simple exposure, and is comprised of two repertoire lists of nursery rhymes, circle songs and activities that we alternate in each weekly class.  This structure allows for child and parent to gain confidence because everyone knows what's coming next!  In an atmosphere free from pressure, the children become increasingly attentive and highly motivated to participate as the classes progress.  This allows the teachers to incorporate new elements and variations into the repertoire as it becomes appropriate for each individual childEven the youngest infants learn to respond to others in the class, thus developing a very social atmosphere of empathy and cooperationAt the end of each class, parents have a few moments to write their observations and celebrate

                           their child's successes that day.

While music is integral to everything we do in Suzuki Early Childhood classes, musical education isn't the only benefit your child will receive in our program.  In addition to learning musical concepts such as rhythm,

steady beat, pitch (high and low) and

dynamics (loud and soft) while singing and

playing instruments, we also learn

many other things.     

It's not just about the music...


  • Shake hands when greeting a neighbor

  • Follow instructions from a teacher

  • Focus in a learning environment

  • Wait patiently while taking turns

  • Share instruments and books with other students

  • Interact gently with babies

  • Bond with parent/grandparent through one-on-one interaction

  • Appreciate fellow students' accomplishment

          as well as his/her own

Suzuki ECE Concepts:


Every child can learn

Ability develops early

Environment nurtures growth

Children learn from one another

Success breeds success

Parental involvement is critical

Encouragement is essential

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Your child will learn how to: